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Step Into the Pro's World:

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Step Into the Pro's World:

Who is Kenji Itoso?

Kenji Itoso : 糸曽賢志(いとそけんじ)
Animation Director, Dean and Professor at Osaka Seikei University, Faculty of Arts.

After mentoring under director Hayao Miyazaki as a teenager, I worked on 'Dreaming Machine' by the late Satoshi Kon. I have contributed to numerous projects including 'Yu-Gi-Oh!', 'Attack on Titan', 'Fire Force', 'Fruits Basket', 'Macross Δ', and music videos for YOASOBI. While actively planning original works, I also focus on providing practical experiences to students, particularly at arts universities and vocational schools. My directorial work in the 'Santa Company' series utilizes production materials for educational purposes, creating a unique approach. Additionally, I have a deep expertise in crowdfunding, having raised a total of 850 million yen. Currently, I am directing multiple TV series anime titles while engaged in educational endeavors.

Let's take a look at some actual samples from the anime!

SANTA COMPANY ~Secret of Christmas

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SANTA COMPANY ~Midsummer Merry Christmas

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Experience the world's first practical curriculum using the actual anime 'Santa Company'!

Learn from 0!

Learn the entire anime production process from start to finish from a professional animation director! Everything from storyboarding to the completion of the anime will be taught to you step-by-step.

Learn the basics of character design

You can learn the steps and skills for designing the facial expressions, physical characteristics, and other elements, etc. of anime characters in more detail.

You can also learn animation

You will be able to learn the most important points in animation, such as key frames during production and the technology and mechanics of animation techniques.

And much more!

Through this curriculum, you can learn various other in depth and behind-the-scenes aspects of Japanese anime production. This is the one and only place where you can experience the Japanese animation production that you have always dreamed of!

What makes Sozoroo so fascinating?

Best quality of Sensei (Instructors)

Sozoroo offers the best learning experience with a team of highly qualified instructors led by Kenji Itoso. Your future will be guided by the best mentors in the industry! In this age of free information on the Internet, it's not what you learn that matters, but who you learn it from!


Sozoroo has an online community where people with the same hobbies, goals and dreams can meet, make friends and improve their skills together. We also host community exclusive events and activities. Grow and connect with others who share the same passion and learn from each other in Sozoroo's Discord community!

Build your career paths

The curriculum is based on actual anime, which can only be learned at Sozoroo! Users who obtain a certificate from our courses will have the possibility to participate in Kenji Itoso's, Kenji Studio project or be recommended by Sozoroo to other animation production companies to help them become professionals. Our program is designed to help you become a professional!

A program that never lets you fall behind

Unlike most e-learning services, Sozoroo's online courses also offer high quality education. Not just limited to our course videos, we have incorporated mechanisms to keep users motivated through live streaming, workshops, community activities and more!

What our learners say about Sozoroo

I believe Sozoroo is an amazing site for anime and manga artists Site, system, teachers, teaching method, active and supportive team, everything is amazing and perfect so that you will never get tired of learning. I am very much looking forward to Sozoroo's future plans.
Before taking the Sozoroo's CAC course, I had no clear direction in the anime industry. The course systematically covered the A to Z of anime production, sparking a strong interest in animation for me. Through practical exercises, I discovered my strengths and passion lie in animation. Now, I am working towards my dream as an animator with determination. Without the CAC course, I might have never found my true calling.
YUKO Yamada (Aspiring Animator)
For someone uncertain about their future career like me, the Sozoroo's CAC course was a beacon of guidance. It allowed me to explore various aspects of the anime industry, captivating me with the section on scenario writing. The course enabled me to acquire essential skills for a scenario writer, from basic story structure to character development, clarifying my vision for the future. I am now embarking on my path as a scenario writer, grateful for the course laying the groundwork.
Junko Ito (Aspiring Scenario Writer)
Facing uncertainty about my path in the anime industry, the Sozoroo's CAC course broadened my perspective. Experiencing the multifaceted process of anime production, I was particularly drawn to the importance and allure of production. The course extensively covered knowledge vital for producers, from project management to fundraising and team building. Had it not been for this course, I might have never discovered my potential as a producer. I am now actively pursuing this dream, inspired and motivated by what I've learned.
Ken Nakamura (Aspiring Producer)

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Frequently asked questions

Is it accessible on desktop and mobile?

Access is available on standard desktops and smartphones.

Can I study using a tablet if I don't have a computer?

Absolutely. You can have a similar learning experience with an iPad and Apple Pencil.

Are there any charges during the free trial?

No charges apply. You can try it free for 7 days.

Can I use the free trial multiple times?

Unfortunately, it's a one-time offer per person.

How is the trial duration calculated?

The free period starts on the first day of registration and ends at 23:59 seven days later.

Will the special price still apply after the campaign ends?

The special price will apply if you register during the campaign.

Is it okay for digital beginners?

Absolutely fine. Numerous courses are available for beginners.

What happens after the free trial?

The paid plan will begin after the free period ends.

Why do I need to provide payment information?

To prevent fraud and to facilitate automatic plan renewals.

Can I change the payment method during the contract?

No changes can be made during the contract period.

How many courses can I take on a monthly basis?

Please check the website for details.

Is the bonus gift available for everyone?

It is available for those who choose a long-term plan and have not received a bonus before.

How are monthly fees counted?

A month is counted from the contract date to the same day in the following month.

Can I re-subscribe after cancelling?

Yes, it is available. Please see the website for details.
Here is the Link for students discount.

Can I uase a student discount after starting with a campaign price?

No, you can only use the one discount coupon.