Kenji Itoso

Animation Character
Design Curriculum

In this course, explore the essentials of anime production, from pen tablet use to animation techniques, character design, and background creation, guiding you towards professional anime creation
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What you are going to learn

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Dive into the world of anime creation, starting with mastering the pen tablet for precise line work. Explore the depths of animation software, learning to seamlessly blend colors and bring characters to life. Gain proficiency in essential shortcuts to speed up your creative process. Learn how to efficiently begin, save, and conclude your projects. Finally, acquire the foundational skills of digital art, from sketching to final edits, preparing you for a successful journey in the anime industry."
Throughout this course you will discover how to :
  • Understand the Animation Production Process: Gain insight into the flow of commercial anime production and learn efficient project management techniques.
  • Learn the Names and Uses of Basic Materials: Familiarize yourself with the names of fundamental materials used in anime production and understand how to utilize them effectively.
  • How to Draw Storyboards: Acquire skills in creating storyboards for effective storytelling.
  • Basics of Layout: Learn layout techniques to create powerful visual compositions.
  • Character Design: Master the principles of designing attractive characters.


Study Materials:

CLICK on the links below to find the materials you need for this lesson. 
Some items might be harder to find, but a little internet scouring usually finds you everything you'll need.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Digital pen (WACOM or XPPen recommended)
  • Tablet (WACOM or XPpen brand recommended)
  • Laptop (Windows / Mac)
SENSEI Biography

Kenji Itoso

Anime director, Manga Artist, Web Director
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Course reviews

Before taking the CAC course, I had no clear direction in the anime industry. The course systematically covered the A to Z of anime production, sparking a strong interest in animation for me. Through practical exercises, I discovered my strengths and passion lie in animation. Now, I am working towards my dream as an animator with determination. Without the CAC course, I might have never found my true calling.
YUKO Yamada (Aspiring Animator)
For someone uncertain about their future career like me, the CAC course was a beacon of guidance. It allowed me to explore various aspects of the anime industry, captivating me with the section on scenario writing. The course enabled me to acquire essential skills for a scenario writer, from basic story structure to character development, clarifying my vision for the future. I am now embarking on my path as a scenario writer, grateful for the course laying the groundwork.
Junko Ito (Aspiring Scenario Writer)
Facing uncertainty about my path in the anime industry, the CAC course broadened my perspective. Experiencing the multifaceted process of anime production, I was particularly drawn to the importance and allure of production. The course extensively covered knowledge vital for producers, from project management to fundraising and team building. Had it not been for this course, I might have never discovered my potential as a producer. I am now actively pursuing this dream, inspired and motivated by what I've learned.
Ken Nakamura (Aspiring Producer)

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