Iruka Umeda

Retouch Illustration Part 3 - Kung-Fu

Review and retouch the student's work titled "Kung-Fu" from a professional point of view with a professional illustrator Iruka Sensei.
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What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

In this course, the instructor reviews artwork submitted by students. The primary focus is on refining the depiction of the body, with detailed explanations on corrections in poses and clothing design. The course also delves into background and color schemes, teaching methods to enhance the overall balance.
Throughout this course you will discover how to :

  • Refinement in Body Depiction: Learn the precise techniques of illustrating the body and poses, mastering the art of creating more realistic illustrations.
  • Correction in Clothing Design: Identify mistakes and areas of improvement in clothing design and texture, and learn how to rectify them.
  • Balancing Background and Color Schemes: Acquire knowledge on color selection and background design, mastering techniques to enhance the overall balance of illustrations.
  • Understanding Artistic Perspective: Grasp the fundamentals of perspective in artwork, ensuring characters and objects are positioned naturally and cohesively within the scene.

Mastering Artwork Balance and Detail

Dive deep into refining body illustrations and perfecting clothing designs. Enhance your artwork's overall cohesion by balancing backgrounds and color schemes.

Explain about poses and human body

Delve into drawing kung-fu poses, emphasizing body dynamics and attire, with detailed guidance on anatomy and movement.

Explain how to put
the clothes on

Since many people struggle with creases, Iruka-sensei explains in detail how to wear clothes from a professional perspective.

Texture and Final Touches

Adding textures or subtle patterns can integrate the character with the background, giving a cohesive look to the entire illustration.

Course Lessons

SENSEI Biography

Iruka Umeda

Illustrator / Character Design Artist / Lecturer at Kyoto University of Art
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Sensei's Artwork

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What our students say about the course

Nathan Davis

The courses provide good knowledge and the staff is approachable and able to cater to our understanding without any compromise on the standards, regulations and guidelines. I would recommend taking up this course with them as it is a necessity to learn professional skills.

Jake Kim

I received my certificate, and I would like to thank you for your continuous support. The courses were challenging, but my instructors were always there supporting me and ready to help. I enjoyed the classes tremendously.

Maria Collins

Everything was clear and I am now following the protocol recommended by the school. The entire process has been efficient, smooth and the team has been very responsive throughout.

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Sozoroo’s illustration critique has allowed me to see areas in my artwork that can be improved to further strengthen the piece while also learning skills I hadn’t learned in my college art classes.

With Sozoroo's illustration critique course, I've been able to see my flaws in my artwork and I hope to keep the advice I received from Japanese professionals in mind every time I draw.

Through the lessons, I encountered new perspectives, and painting has become even more enjoyable for me!

Learning about the composition techniques used by professionals significantly improved my skills.


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