Iruka Umeda

Illustrator, Character Design Artist, Lecturer at Kyoto University of Arts

About Iruka

She will accurately point out the parts where even professional illustrators make mistakes to improve the artwork.

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A freelance illustrator and animator. After graduating from Tokyo Designer Gakuin, she has been involved in a wide range of activities, including drawing illustrations for popular application games, original drawings for famous TV animation, instructor for illustration course at Kyoto University of Arts, web course service Palmie instructor, and a contributor to Hobby Japan's "Friend Pose Illustration Collection."

About Hey!TAROH

With his multifaceted expertise and authoritative status, Taroh Hirai is an industry giant whose work serves as a touchstone for professionals and aspirants alike in the fields of digital art and anime creation.

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Taroh Hirai, better known as Hey!TAROH, is a luminary in Japan's manga and art landscape. Renowned for his unique artistic flair and comedic works, he has skillfully transitioned into the digital arena. His compelling webcomics, such as "35 Years Old: A First-Time Story," have not only amassed a diverse following but have also been adapted into DVD formats.
As an esteemed Adjunct Professor at Kobe University of Art and Design, Taroh's expertise extends beyond creative pursuits into academia and technical consultation. He is highly regarded for advising leading anime production companies on digital equipment setup and usage. Moreover, his specialized work in corporate comic creation for high-profile clients like Wacom further underscores his unparalleled contributions to the field.
In collaboration with Celsys, Taroh has also been instrumental in shaping the official creator certification for CLIP STUDIO PAINT, establishing a benchmark of excellence for aspiring artists. His multifaceted achievements make him an indispensable authority in the realms of manga, digital art, and anime production.
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An accomplished author, his publications include:
  • "ComicStudio Official Guides" (Published by ASCII)
  • "IllustStudio Official Guides" (Published by ASCII)
  • "CLIP STUDIO PAINT Official Guide" (Published by KADOKAWA)
  • "Manga Drawing Techniques with CLIP STUDIO PAINT" (Published by MdN)
  • "Tips for Solving Doubts in CLIP STUDIO PAINT" (Published by MdN)
  • "Illustrative Techniques for Physical Expressions" (Published by MdN)
  • "Good Practices in CLIP STUDIO PAINT" (Co-authored, Published by SoftBank Creative)


Courses by Iruka Umeda