Iruka Umeda

Retouch Illustration Part 1 - Encounter of the Third Kind

Correct the student's work titled "Encounter of the Third Kind" from a professional point of view with a professional illustrator Iruka Sensei.
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What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

In this lecture, illustrator Iruka Umeda introduces methods of retouching illustrations. Leveraging her experience and skills, she corrects a student's artwork in real-time, teaching techniques from the basics to advanced illustration. Viewers will learn key points in illustration composition, perspective, and character design.
Throughout this course you will discover how to :

  • Better Composition: In animation, composition is crucial. Professional animators guide on effective placement of characters and backgrounds, and choosing the right angles to captivate the audience and convey the story compellingly.
  • Body Structure: The structure and movement of a character's body are fundamental for realism and expressiveness. Experts provide advice on skeletal and muscular movements, as well as facial expressions.
  • Color Balance: Color plays a central role in setting the mood and conveying emotions in animation. Professionals share expertise on color selection, combinations, and adjustments for brightness and saturation.
  • Increase the Volume of Information: An animation frame is packed with details, from backgrounds to character outfits. Animators advise on how to incorporate these elements effectively, enhancing the visual richness.

Character Poses

In animation, the pose of a character is crucial. The correct pose serves as a foundation to accurately convey the character's emotions and movements.

A Professional's Insight into Perspective

Iruka-sensei explains how to draw perspective and backgrounds using features from Clip Studio Paint.

The body in more detail, including the clothing

Iruka sensei explain how to make perspective of shoulders and hips work and increases reality by making the flow more effective.

Finishing Touch by a Professional

To finalize the artwork, we'll skillfully use shading and coloring to bring everything together and create a guided focal point.

Course Lessons

SENSEI Biography

Iruka Umeda

Illustrator / Character Design Artist / Lecturer at Kyoto University of Art
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Sensei's Artwork

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