Hiroshi Seo

How to Use Clip Studio Paint

In this course, manga artist Hiroshi Seo guides you through the use of Clip Studio Paint. Covering the basics of pen tablet operation, efficient use of keyboard shortcuts, and how to launch Clip Studio Paint.
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Clip Studio, Illustrator, Scanner


What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

Master the use of the pen tablet to achieve precise strokes. Dive deep into Clip Studio Paint's coloring tools, learning to select and apply shades seamlessly. Familiarize yourself with key shortcuts to enhance your workflow speed. Efficiently start, save, and close Clip Studio Paint. Lastly, grasp the essentials of digital artistry, transitioning smoothly from sketching to final edits.
Throughout this course you will discover how to :

  • Mastering the Pen Tablet: Learn the ins and outs of the special pen tablet, ensuring precision in every stroke.
  • Advanced Coloring Techniques: Dive deep into the world of colors in Clip Studio Paint, understanding how to select the perfect shade and apply it seamlessly to bring your artwork to life.
  • Efficient Use of Keyboard Shortcuts: Discover the power of keyboard shortcuts, which are essential combinations that speed up your workflow and make navigation within the software a breeze.
  • Launching and Closing the Software: Learn how to start, save designs, and close Clip Studio Paint safely.
  • Foundations of Digital Art Creation: Grasp the core principles of digital artistry, from sketching to final edits.

Learn how to use a keyboard from a professional

Learn the keyboard shortcuts of Clip Studio Paint used by Hiroshi Seo, a professional from Japan. Acquire keyboard techniques for efficient work and master the software like a pro.

Learn the basics of a pen tablet

Discover the pen tablet techniques employed by Hiroshi Seo, a professional from Japan. Grasp the fundamentals of this essential tool and harness its capabilities to draw like a seasoned expert.

Explanation of the basic features of Clip Studio

Dive into the foundational features of Clip Studio with guidance from Hiroshi Seo, a professional from Japan. Understand the core functionalities and utilize them to create art with the expertise of a seasoned artist.

Explanation about rough sketches and drafts

Seo sensei provides insights into the art of rough sketches and drafts in Clip Studio. Learn the nuances of initial drawings and how to refine them, laying the groundwork for a polished final piece.

Let's understand about vector layers

Let's delve into the intricacies of vector layers with guidance from Hiroshi Seo, a renowned professional from Japan. Grasp the advantages and functionalities of vector-based artwork in Clip Studio, paving the way for precision and flexibility in your creations

Knowledge to elevate the level of your work

Learn the techniques of using the pen and the functionalities of CSP from Master Seo, and acquire the knowledge to elevate the level of your artwork!

Course Lessons

SENSEI Biography

Hiroshi Seo

Illustrator, Manga Artist, Web Director
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Sensei's Artwork

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Course reviews

"I liked that I could learn inexpensively from the comfort of my own home without having to go to a technical school. I thought it was worth more than the price."
Suzie Kwon
"In every scene, there were detailed explanations of the tools used, how to use them, and tips on how to describe them."
Jessie Patton 

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