Hiroshi Seo

Illustrator, Manga Artist, Web Director

About Hiroshi

Representative of Kakusen Inc., an eternal cartoonist and illustrator. His representative works are "Akiba Police!" and "Ubunchu!".
After working in web production at Recruit Computer Publishing, Seo became an independent freelance web creator. At the same time, he started creating manga. After winning a runner-up prize at Kodansha Afternoon Shiki Award, he made his debut as a serial manga artist in 2004 with “Akiba-sho! (Akihabara Police-Station!) ” in the same magazine in 2004, and started his career as a commercial cartoonist. He has been serializing "Ubunchu!" in ASCII Media Works and "Kantan Ubunchu!" in ASCII Media Works. He also creates advertising manga and illustrations for CD jackets and card games and teaches cartooning and illustration.


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