Hiroshi Seo

Manga Airbrush Painting 101

During this course, you'll learn many of the specialized airbrushing techniques to bring your Manga drawing to the next level. From airbrush effects, and even how to paint a Manga character portrait, Seo-sensei reveals the unlimited potential of airbrush painting.
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What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

Under the guidance of Hiroshi Seo, delve into the techniques of airbrush painting. This course offers an in-depth look into illustration painting, building upon the foundations of animation painting. By adding touches of airbrush to basic animation painting, you can create artwork with a richer appearance. Together, let's master the techniques of airbrushing, from the basics to advanced applications
Throughout this course you will discover how to :

  • Introduction to Airbrush Painting: Understand the essence and techniques of airbrush painting, especially in the context of animation.
  • Guidance from a Professional: Learn directly from Hiroshi Seo, a renowned figure in the field.
  • Transition from Animation Painting: Build upon the basics of animation painting and enhance it with airbrush techniques.
  • Practical Application: Engage in hands-on exercises, painting illustrations using an airbrush.
  • Advanced Techniques: Dive deeper into adding gradations, illuminations, soft light, and secondary shadows to give artwork a richer look.
  • Integration with Animation Painting: Understand how to seamlessly combine traditional animation painting with airbrushing for a unique finish.

Explanation of the Airbrush

Seo sensei will explain the functions, benefits, and styles of the airbrush while using the actual Clip Studio Paint screen

Explanation of color management

Explanation of color management during actual work from a professional's perspective. Methods for previewing when actually printed are also introduced, allowing you to acquire knowledge that will be useful in the future.

Practicality of the Airbrush

He explain various uses of the airbrush along with practical situations, enabling you to expand your range of expression.

Airbrush using a sphere

To actually be able to use the Airbrush, He will help you gain a deeper understanding by actually drawing a simple sphere.

Shadows using gradients

Using gradients makes it possible to express smooth shadows over wide areas

Finishing touches

"In the finishing process, adding various effects can elevate a piece to something truly remarkable. Let's learn the finishing techniques from him.

Course Lessons

Teacher Biography

Hiroshi Seo

Manga Artist, Web Director
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Sensei's Artwork

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