Creation of Original Illustration

Learn illustration techniques from A-to-Z with professional illustrator, Shoji Goshichi, the qualified artist of  the 100th Japanese Comic Market in Tokyo.
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What you are going to learn

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This course is the perfect opportunity for aspiring illustrators to learn the techniques and skills needed to create stunning, unique artwork. With Shoji Goshichi's expert guidance, students will be able to unlock their creativity and bring their ideas to life.
Throughout this course you will discover how to :

  • Develop ideas and considering composition
  • Advance line drawings for illustrations
  • Create your original logo to be incorporated into the design
  • Learn how to practice Underpainting and overpainting
  • Finalize artwork as a single picture

Course Lessons

Teacher Biography

Shoji Goshichi

Illustrator, Character Design Artist
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Sozoroo’s illustration critique has allowed me to see areas in my artwork that can be improved to further strengthen the piece while also learning skills I hadn’t learned in my college art classes.

With Sozoroo's illustration critique course, I've been able to see my flaws in my artwork and I hope to keep the advice I received from Japanese professionals in mind every time I draw.

Through the lessons, I encountered new perspectives, and painting has become even more enjoyable for me!

Learning about the composition techniques used by professionals significantly improved my skills.