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Materials for learning Japanese Anime/Manga are hard to find in English
Do you like drawing Japanese Anime/Manga? If so, where did you learn to draw? Japanese Anime/Manga is gaining popularity every year but there aren’t many materials for learning it in English. When you think of English comics, you would think of something like Marvel. For Animation, it would be Pixar, Disney, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon as they are  mainstream. There are as many drawing courses as there are stars but art schools never taught students how to draw in the style of Japanese Anime & Manga.

At Sozoroo, you can learn the true essence of Anime & Manga from authentic Japanese instructors
For people who have been looking for English learning materials, Sozoroo has them provided to you! All instructors are active illustrators and manga artists in Japan. English drawing books can be found easily if you look into them. However, there are only a few from instructors who are active in the Anime & Manga field. With Sozoroo, you can get the opportunity to learn directly from instructors who are active in the industry!

No need to study abroad in Japan and study Japanese or take detours.
Some of you may have thought about studying Japanese or studying abroad in Japan to get into art school to learn Japanese Anime & Manga. That’s wonderful and we’ll support you! But first, let’s overcome in-person learning and language barriers. Learn what you can learn from where you currently are right now. In Sozoroo, we can certainly do that! Start learning today in your language, wherever you are!

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