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What kind of service is Sozoroo?

Sozoroo is an online service for people who want to draw Japanese Anime & Manga
We at Sozoroo love Japanese Anime & Manga. For this reason, Sozoroo is a platform for people who love drawing Anime & Manga as well as those who want to brush up their skills and work in the industry. In order to use your drawing skills as a career, you’ll need a place for preparation. If you were to compare it to a role-playing game (RPG), think of it as the starting village of your adventure!

Want to use your drawing skills as a career? What will you need first?
Needless to say, it’s to have drawing skills! If you’re not skilled at drawing, you won’t be able to get a position in the art field. As you would see in an RPG, it’s like leaving the village unarmed and getting defeated by a weak monster! Sozoroo is the only place where you can reach out in English to learn how to draw Japanese Anime & Manga! Learn tips to get closer to your favorite manga/anime drawing at Sozoroo!
The instructors at Sozoroo are all professionals who are active at the forefront of the Japanese manga and anime industry. You can learn directly from people who’ve published monthly  comics, as well as those who work as animators and popular freelance illustrators.

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A skill that’s important other than drawing?
In order to make drawing as a career, it’s important to get “information”! If you don’t have the right “information”, it’s hard to determine on what steps you should take from your current self to where you want to be. Rather than brushing up your drawing skills aimlessly, know what path you’re going to take. Clarify on what steps you’ll be taking and you’ll be able to gradually get closer to your dreams.

To sum up jobs relating to Japanese Anime & Manga, both industries are very special in their own ways. There are also other methods to use various skills. Depending on the job, being able to draw is an obvious skill. However, creating other networks and making clear of your way is  much more important. For example, let’s say you wanted to be a freelance illustrator. The first thing you’ll need to do is to put out your portfolio in places where people can see your work. In  this era where the internet and social media are more common now than ever, management and business skills are directly connected within jobs. This is a completely different skill from  being good at drawing.

Get your hands on both!
Putting your drawing skills to use is not an easy world to jump into while being unarmed. Acquire “skills” = “swords” and “information” = “shields” at the home base called Sozoroo, and  equip yourself to build up your career!

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