Nov 27 / Sozoroo TEAM

The Global Reach of VTubers: Contrasting Activities Between Japan and Overseas

Diverse Realms of VTuber Activities
VTubers refer to virtual characters creating and streaming videos. Originating in Japan, this trend has expanded globally, showcasing a wide array of activities akin to real YouTubers. They engage in gaming commentary, chats, and performances like singing or dancing, generating revenue through advertisements and live streaming support.

Surge in Global Subscribers
Japanese VTubers gained early attention overseas, influenced by anime and pop culture. Today, they garner widespread interest globally, evident in videos with foreign language subtitles by devoted fans. Simultaneously, overseas VTubers have emerged, promoting their countries' specialties or tourist spots, demonstrating unique and independent activities.

International Variances and Traits
Differences exist between overseas and Japanese VTubers regarding their activity styles and character settings. Overseas VTubers often reveal the real faces of creators, engaging with fans in a more friendly, peer-to-peer manner. Additionally, their content and character designs reflect their respective cultures and preferences. Conversely, Japanese VTubers typically maintain anonymity, fostering a fan relationship resembling that of idols and their fans.

Prospects for International VTuber
VTubers provide solace and entertainment to many worldwide, contributing daily to international cultural exchanges. Their diverse styles and charm offer the potential for more people to discover new forms of enjoyment, making their future endeavors highly anticipated.