Nov 16 / Sozoroo TEAM

The Global Expansion and Future Outlook of Japanese Anime

The Origin of Animation and Its Impact on Japan
Animation emerged as a medium during the evolution of film. Notably, in the 1930s, foreign animations were imported into Japan, and Osamu Tezuka, a manga artist influenced by these foreign animations, created Japan's first television anime, "Astro Boy," in 1963. Osamu Tezuka's enthusiasm for American Disney animations, such as having watched "Bambi" over 80 times, is a well-known episode. Subsequently, Japanese anime evolved with the contributions of talented creators, establishing itself as an industry that significantly impacted various sectors.

Success of Japanese Anime Overseas

Japanese anime is a quintessential representation of "Cool Japan" and has garnered widespread acclaim across the globe. Its alluring characters, intricate storytelling, breathtaking visuals, and unique worldviews captivate audiences worldwide. For instance, "Astro Boy," known as "Tetsuwan Atom" in Japan, was released in the United States in 1964 and remains etched in the memories of American viewers, including those aged 50 and above. Additionally, "Captain Tsubasa" was broadcast in Europe and inspired aspiring soccer players, including the likes of Zinedine Zidane. Moreover, "Dog of Flanders," originally an obscure novel in Belgium, gained recognition locally after being adapted into a Japanese anime. This led to an increase in visitors to the Belgian locations featured in the series.

Expansion of International Markets and Future Prospects
In the future, anime is expected to continue its surge in popularity in regions such as India, Africa, and South America, broadening its global appeal. Domestically, collaborations between the anime industry and various sectors are anticipated to yield novel developments. Accurate analysis of the circumstances surrounding the anime industry and contemplation of its market and future prospects are imperative. Japanese anime, with its diverse allure and quality, is poised for even greater success worldwide.