Jan 11 / Sozoroo TEAM

The Brilliance of 2000s Anime Music

The 2000s emerged as a transformative era in the realm of anime music, characterized by a kaleidoscope of melodies that wove themselves intricately into the fabric of storytelling. This vibrant period witnessed a renaissance in sonic artistry, where harmonies became inseparable companions to the visual narratives, etching an indelible mark on the collective cultural consciousness. From anthems that ignited passion to ballads that stirred emotions, the allure of 2000s anime music continues to resonate as a symphony of cherished memories, each note echoing the essence of beloved series.

1. From Fullmetal Alchemist to Lucky Star
Diving into this treasure trove of musical brilliance, "Fullmetal Alchemist" stands tall with its opening theme "Melissa" by Porno Graffitti. This powerful composition entrenched itself into the core of the series, blending seamlessly with its thematic depth. Equally impactful was the catchy and addictive rhythm of "Motteke! Sailor Fuku" from "Lucky Star," a tune that ensnared fans with its infectious energy.

2. Ever-cherished Melodies
The 2000s bestowed upon us melodies that transcended time's relentless march. "Kasabuta" from "Zatch Bell!" maintains its emotional grip with lyrics that resonate deeply, evolving gracefully alongside listeners as they traverse through life. In a different vein, "My Sweet Heart" from "Tokyo Mew Mew" enamored audiences with its endearing lyrics and a melody that danced effortlessly in the mind.

3. Era-defining Masterpieces
An era is often defined by its masterpieces, and the 2000s anime music landscape boasts iconic tracks that etched themselves into history. "Only My Railgun" from "A Certain Scientific Railgun," "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" from "Bakemonogatari," and the captivating "Renai Circulation" stand as luminous beacons of this era, earning accolades and captivating hearts far and wide.

4. From Openings to Endings
The breadth and depth of 2000s anime music spanned the spectrum, from the explosive beginnings to the poignant endings of cherished series. "Monochrome no Kiss" from "Black Butler," "Gekkouka" from "Black Jack," and the uplifting "DANZEN! Futari wa Pretty Cure" from "Futari wa Pretty Cure" captivated diverse audiences, each track leaving an indelible mark on the anime landscape.

5. Timeless Melodies Evoking Emotions
The melodies birthed in the 2000s continue to be a conduit of emotions, resonating across time and space. "Lion" from "Macross F," a symphonic collaboration between May'n and Nakajima Megumi, soared into the hearts of listeners, earning a coveted place among the illustrious Oricon yearly charts.

The resounding echoes of 2000s anime music remain steadfast, a testament to its enduring legacy. Each melody, a chapter in a collective anthology of emotions and memories, continues to weave its spell, transcending the temporal confines. As these melodies persist, their enchanting allure persists, ensuring their place as timeless treasures that will continue to enchant, inspire, and resonate through the corridors of time, guiding the hearts of future generations into the realms of anime's musical wonders.