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Popular Anime Merchandise Among Overseas Fans in 2024


As we look ahead to 2024, the landscape of anime merchandise favored by international fans continues to evolve. Anime figurines, which dominated the market in 2023, are expected to share the spotlight with capsule toys next year. This article examines the popular trends in anime merchandise and provides insights on how to increase sales to overseas otaku.

Popular Anime Merchandise

1. Leading Anime Merchandise in 2023

Figures Reign Supreme
In 2023, figurines emerged as the most sought-after anime merchandise among international buyers. These highly detailed and collectible items resonated with fans for their ability to capture iconic characters from popular series. In addition to figures, keychains and gacha capsule toys were also in high demand, reflecting the diverse tastes of the global otaku community.

  • Figures: Dominant in popularity due to their collectibility.
  • Keychains: Widely favored for their affordability and portability.
  • Capsule Toys: Known for their element of surprise and variety.

2. Preference for new anime over classics

Recent series drive sales
Anime merchandise related to recent series far outperformed classic anime products in terms of sales. This trend underscores the influence of current popular anime in shaping buying behavior. Fans are eager to collect items from the latest series they are currently watching, making recent anime merchandise more appealing.

  • New anime merchandise: Generates higher sales due to current fan engagement.
  • Classic Anime Merchandise: Less popular, primarily collected by nostalgic fans.

3. Top Countries for Anime Merchandise Sales

Strong demand from Asia and beyond
The Asian market, particularly Taiwan and China, demonstrated a strong appetite for anime merchandise. North America also emerged as a significant market, reflecting the global appeal of anime. These regions show robust interest in anime products, driven by a growing fan base and increasing cultural exchanges.

  • Taiwan: Market leader with high purchase volume.
  • China: Close contender with a vibrant otaku culture.
  • North America: Reflecting the widespread popularity of anime

4. International distribution challenges

Navigating security and localization
Selling anime internationally presents several challenges, primarily related to e-commerce security and localization. Ensuring secure transactions and protecting customer information is critical. In addition, adapting to local cultures, understanding shipping methods, and translating product information are necessary steps to effectively serve international markets.

  • Security measures: Essential for securing e-commerce operations.
  • Cultural adaptation: Required for successful market penetration.
  • Localization: Important for making products accessible and appealing to diverse audiences.

5. Effective strategies to increase sales

To increase sales to overseas otaku, focusing on merchandise from currently airing anime is a proven strategy. Staying on top of the latest anime trends and understanding the types of merchandise that resonate with fans can significantly increase sales. Analyzing buying patterns and offering items that are trending or hard to find in specific markets can create a competitive edge.

  • Hot Anime Merchandise: Drives interest and sales.
  • Trend Awareness: Key to identifying and stocking popular items.
  • Market Analysis: Helps tailor offerings to specific regional preferences.

6. Predicted Trends for 2024

Capsule toys to lead the way
Looking ahead to 2024, gacha capsule toys are expected to gain prominence. Known for their novelty and collector appeal, these items are predicted to attract the interest of anime fans worldwide. Figures and keychains will also maintain their popularity, with their established fan base continuing to drive demand.

  • Capsule toys: Expected to be a major trend due to their collectibility and novelty.
  • Figures: Expected to remain popular for their detailed craftsmanship.
  • Keychains: Likely to continue to attract fans with their affordability and variety.


Looking ahead to 2024, the international anime merchandise market will continue to expand. Figures, keychains and capsule toys will remain at the forefront of fan interest, with a notable shift towards items from current anime series. Understanding these trends and overcoming the challenges of international sales will be key for e-commerce professionals looking to capitalize on the growing demand for anime merchandise. Adapting strategies to cater to different markets while maintaining a focus on trending items will ensure success in the global anime merchandise market.
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