New Course Release Announcement: Retouch Illustration Part 4

Sozoroo TEAM
Iruka-sensei's new course, Retouch Illustration Part 4, has been released. This course allows you to learn Body structure and composition through the correction of provided artwork, making it extremely useful for those interested in digital art creation.
Regarding Body structure, you can learn about the basic body parts and skeletal structure of humans. Additionally, with Body composition, you can learn about how to pose a person and create a composition. This course is easy to understand for beginners, and with concrete examples, you can understand it even when studying independently.
By taking this course, you can acquire basic knowledge and skills required for digital art creation. Furthermore, you can apply that knowledge to create your own original works. Retouch Illustration is available on an e-learning service, so if you want to challenge yourself to create digital art, be sure to take the course!