New Course Release Announcement: How to draw eyes

Sep 4 / Sozoroo TEAM
Dear All,
We are delighted to unveil our latest course offering that promises to be an invaluable resource for artists of all levels—Shoji Goshichi Sensei's "How to Draw Eyes" is now live! This course provides an exceptional opportunity to hone your skills in one of the most crucial aspects of character illustration: eye drawing.
Tailored for both beginners and experienced artists, the course covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques. Under the meticulous guidance of Shoji Goshichi Sensei's pre-recorded video lessons, you’ll master the art of crafting striking eyes that bring your characters to life.
What sets this course apart is its specialized focus on the art of drawing eyes for "bishoujo" (beautiful girl) characters in Japanese culture. This is more than just a drawing course; it's an exploration of the cultural nuances and artistic theories that make "bishoujo" characters stand out.