Dec 28 / Sozoroo TEAM

Longing for Anime Adaptations of Ongoing Manga

In the dynamic world of Japanese anime, the robust foundation often rests on the diverse and captivating realm of manga. As the autumn 2023 anime lineup unfolds, it prominently features a spectrum of adaptations such as "Farewell, My Dear Cramer," "The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You," and "Stardust Telepath," all sprouting from manga origins. Additionally, the forthcoming broadcast slate is overwhelmingly dominated by titles stemming from manga sources.

Continuing their endeavor from the initial survey conducted in the first half of the year, a comprehensive reader-driven survey encompassing ongoing unfinished series and completed works where confirmation for anime adaptation was pending was curated.

The survey, spanning November 28th to December 5th, amassed a robust 432 responses. An intriguing demographic profile emerged, with a substantial majority of around 70% comprising female participants, about 25% male respondents, while approximately 5% chose not to specify their gender. Significantly, the participant pool leaned towards a younger audience, with almost 50% below the age of 19, and another 15% within their 20s.

Unraveling Unfinished Works
1st Place: "Tokyo Aliens"
Serialized within the pages of "Monthly G Fantasy," "Tokyo Aliens" intricately navigates the life of Kousuke Gunji, an ostensibly unremarkable high schooler, as he enlists in the Alien Management Organization (A.M.O.) to confront clandestine extraterrestrials. Its appeal emanates from the enthralling battles and the intricacies of a world interwoven with covert alien existence on Earth. Particularly noteworthy are the engaging characters, notably Kousuke's classmate, Shou Tenkubashi, celebrated for their captivating charisma that resonated deeply with readers.

2nd Place: "Kindergarten Wars"
Making its debut in "Shonen Jump+," "Kindergarten Wars' ' unfolds the narrative of a prestigious kindergarten safeguarded by a former assassin turned teacher. Its unique amalgamation of humor, action, romance, and unexpected plot developments has strikingly resonated with readers. The endearing character of the protagonist, the charmingly fierce teacher, has garnered substantial acclaim.

3rd Place: "Sakamoto Days"
Gracefully inhabiting the pages of "Weekly Shonen Jump," "Sakamoto Days" charts the journey of Taro Sakamoto, a middle-aged former legendary assassin now leading a domestic life as a father. Its allure lies in the breathtaking action sequences, stylistic prowess, and the cool allure of a diverse cast of assassins, firmly cementing its place among the top echelons of manga series.

Amplifying Reader Insights
Beyond the top-ranked series, readers fervently recommended and expressed excitement for various titles. "Last Carte: Hojui Gakusha Toma Kensho no Kioku," for instance, sparked interest due to its intriguing blend of mystery centered around animal incidents. Similarly, "Dead Account," exploring battles facilitated through smartphones, garnered attention for its innovative narrative that intrigued readers.

The Pervasive Domination of Action
This comprehensive survey delineates the resounding preference for action-centric narratives among readers, as evidenced in the top three ranked series. The overwhelming support for these titles underscores the enduring popularity of action-oriented content in manga.

Expanding the Scope of Rankings
While "Tokyo Aliens," "Kindergarten Wars," and "Sakamoto Days" secured the top spots in the unfinished series category, an array of diverse titles stood out, showcasing the multifaceted nature of manga storytelling and the nuanced preferences of readers.

Please note that the primary objective of this survey is to gauge reader interests and does not intend to adjudicate or rank series or characters. Instead, it aims to spotlight various titles, potentially fostering deeper understanding and appreciation among readers for the world of manga and its forthcoming anime adaptations.