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How to Draw Various Types of Hands Making Peace Signs


Hands can tell you a lot about a character's personality!

Learning how to draw different types of hands can help you incorporate and have more fun drawing the different characteristics and features for your characters! We hope this guide can help you overcome the difficulties of drawing the human hand. We know they're difficult to draw. So now let's take a look at all the different types of hands when making peace signs! 

Draw Different Types of Hands

Slender Peace Sign

  • Slender hands tend to appear long and boney and usually have elongated slim fingers. The three colors on the right are a visual representation of the thumb, fingers, and palm.

Chubby Peace Sign

  • Unlike slender peace signs, chubby peace signs have big baby-like hands and have thick and short fingers. Remember to draw them a little bulkier!

Gyaru Peace Sign

  • Gyaru peace signs come from the Japanese fashion subculture called Gyaru (or Gal). They have long nails and fingers and usually hold their peace signs upside down, which they call Gyarupi (meaning, Gyaru and peace).


Drawing different types of hands can give your characters a different atmosphere. Even though they all have the same pose, different hands, let's show the different sides of their personality! Try to give your characters different characteristics by drawing them!

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(Illustration by miisa_shion)
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