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Eiichiro Oda's Three-Week Hiatus from "ONE PIECE"

Hiatus Announcement
On the 21st, the official staff of "ONE PIECE," Eiichiro Oda's wildly popular manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, made a major announcement. They announced that the series would be going on a three-week hiatus. This announcement came as a surprise to fans who were eagerly anticipating the next chapters.

Reason for the hiatus
The decision to suspend serialization for issues 18 through 20 of Weekly Shonen Jump was attributed to Oda's need for dedicated time for research and conceptualization. Such hiatuses are not uncommon in the manga industry, where creators often balance the demands of quality storytelling with the pressure of meeting tight deadlines. Oda's commitment to delivering a rich and compelling story for ONE PIECE is evident in his willingness to take a step back to ensure the integrity of the narrative.

Oda's statement
The announcement was accompanied by a message from Oda himself, accompanied by a playful illustration. In his message, Oda addressed the concerns of fans, especially in light of recent news regarding Akira Toriyama-sensei's health. He sought to reassure readers by stating emphatically that his hiatus was not due to illness. Instead, he openly admitted that it was a necessary measure for his personal well-being and emphasized the importance of self-care in maintaining creative productivity over the long term.

Outlook for the Future
Looking ahead, Oda's message contained a hint of excitement and anticipation for what lies beyond the hiatus. He playfully noted the need to reflect on the essence of "ONE PIECE" and teased readers with the promise of exciting developments to come. Additionally, Oda took the opportunity to promote various platforms where fans can continue to engage with the ONE PIECE universe during the hiatus, underscoring his commitment to keeping the series vibrant and accessible to its dedicated fanbase. As readers eagerly await the return of the manga in issue #21, scheduled for release on April 22nd, anticipation for the next chapter in the epic story of ONE PIECE" is reaching a fever pitch.

The announcement can be seen on the ONE PIECE Staff Official X (formerly Twitter) account here.

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