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Let’s Draw Facial Expressions Using Emojis!


Can you draw anime facial expressions using emojis?

Try using emojis as a reference to help you draw all kinds of facial expressions! This can be a great exercise to improve your art, especially if you are having trouble getting your ideas out in your head. Make sure you have your chosen emoji next to you for reference before you start drawing. It's also a good idea to study and observe the specific details of these emoji to get a feel for certain expressions.

Draw Expressions Using Emojis

Pleading Face

  • Make the eyebrows dramatic for more effect!
    By drawing furrowed eyebrows with a small frown and big puppy dog eyes, you can create a pleading expression in no time!

Flushed Face

  • Pay attention to the size of pupils for difference.
    Draw the character with raised eyebrows, big white eyes, small closed mouth and red blushing cheeks to get that flustered look.

Anxious Face

  • Don’t be afraid to add effects to intensify emotion!
    Try adding furrowed brows, wide eyes, an open frown, and sweat dripping down the cheek. Also, coloring the forehead with a pale blue color will make the character look distressed and afraid.

Smiling Face

  • Add blushy cheeks to prevent the characters smiling intimidatingly.
    If you draw soft eyebrows, softly closed eyes, and rosy cheeks, as we mentioned earlier, with a modest smile, you'll have a kind and friendly looking character!

    Just adding these little details can drastically change the expression!


Now it’s your turn to use emojis for reference!
Try using any emojis you’d possibly like to draw as facial expressions for reference! 
Also, please share your take on this challenge in our Discord community! #DrawUsingEmojis

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(Illustration by miisa_shion)
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